Fundraising with Mike's Carwash

Mike's Carwash Fundraising
The fundraiser they want. The convenience you need.

If you’re looking for maximum profits with minimum effort, Mike’s makes it easier than ever. Non-profit organizations, athletic teams, service clubs, churches and youth groups are all eligible to sell Mike’s Carwash certificates. Best of all, your group will keep half the proceeds!

We will customize paper $9 Basic or $16 Works certificates in quantities up to 1,500 for your group!

It's a fundraiser that sells itself. 

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“We raised the money we needed (and more!) and are currently at Camp thanks to our Mike's Carwash fundraiser!“


Daryl Repuelo
McGary Middle School
Evansville, Indiana

“Unlike most of the fundraisers our kids get, we are trying to sell something customers already buy.  Proof is every time you drive by a Mike's Carwash!"

Joe Corrado
Boy Scout Troop 967
Fairfield, Ohio

“Love this fundraiser! Everyone needs a carwash at one time or another, so they are easy to sell and the profit is great! It has helped us a lot!“

Dianne Moellering

Concordia Lutheran High School
Fort Wayne, Indiana